Resumption of Clashes in Khartoum Following Ceasefire

news 11-Jun-2023 Africa

Clashes resume in Khartoum following ceasefire

After a 24-hour ceasefire that was largely adhered to, clashes have resumed in Sudan's capital city of Khartoum. According to several Arabic media outlets, there have been multiple confrontations between the army and the paramilitary RSF fighters.

Following the end of the ceasefire, the Sudanese army launched air strikes against the RSF positions in the suburbs of Bahri and Omdurman. Artillery and anti-aircraft rockets were also reportedly used. The ceasefire was implemented on Saturday morning, mediated by the US and Saudi Arabia, to allow for humanitarian aid.

Earlier ceasefires had repeatedly failed, with mediators warning that any violations could lead to the termination of negotiations in Jeddah with the parties. It is unclear when discussions on further ceasefires will resume. Since the recent escalation, hundreds of people have been killed, and over a million have had to flee.

In Sudan, RSF fighters, a quasi-army made up of militias with tens of thousands of fighters, have been fighting against the army under the leadership of de facto state leader Abdel Fattah al-Burhan. The two generals had come to power together but later split, and a civilian-demanded transition to democracy has not been forthcoming.

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