Greta Thunberg Concludes Iconic School Strike for Climate Action

news 12-Jun-2023 Europe

Greta Thunberg's Final School Strike

After 251 weeks of school strikes, Greta Thunberg has officially ended her time as a school-skipping protester. The 20-year-old Swedish activist made the decision after completing her Abitur, but she plans to continue protesting for the climate on Fridays.

The End of an Era

Greta Thunberg first demonstrated alone during school hours for the climate five years ago with a large, white protest sign that read "Skolstrejk för klimatet." She bid farewell to her weekly strikes for school on Friday with a similar sign in hand. The reason for the end of her school strikes is because she has completed her Abitur, and she can't skip school anymore to protest in front of the Swedish parliament. Thunberg wrote on Twitter that she would continue to protest on Fridays, but it wouldn't be considered a "school strike" anymore.

The Fight Continues

Although Thunberg has completed her Abitur, the fight for effective climate policies is not over. Her message remains the same: people in power are sacrificing marginalized communities and the planet for profit and economic growth. Thunberg plans to continue working for effective climate policies, and she urges people everywhere to do the same.

From Lone Protester to Worldwide Movement

Thunberg was only 15 years old when she first sat alone in front of the Stockholm parliament during school hours, protesting against Sweden's climate policies. Her example inspired teenagers around the world, evolving into the global movement "Fridays for Future." Within a short period, millions of children and young people in over 180 countries were skipping school to march in climate protests. Although the pandemic forced changes in protest methods, they eventually returned to the streets.

Meeting with World Leaders

Thunberg's message has not changed - leaders must listen to the scientific evidence about climate change and take action. Her protests have made her a well-known and influential figure, meeting with former US President Barack Obama, Hollywood star Leonardo DiCaprio, and German Chancellor Angela Merkel. At her last school strike, musician Patti Smith, who was in Stockholm for a concert, showed up in support of Thunberg.

Graduating and Moving Forward

With her Abitur completed, Thunberg can now begin university studies. She has not revealed her exact plans yet, but her commitment to fighting climate change remains strong. Patti Smith congratulated Thunberg for completing her Abitur and praised her efforts for the climate.

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