Ukrainian Army Launches Counterattacks Along the Front Line

news 12-Jun-2023 Europe

Ukrainian President Volodymyr Selenskyj confirmed that the Ukrainian army is carrying out counterattacks against Russian troops along the front line, as well as defensive actions. Selenskyj made the statement during a press conference with Canadian Prime Minister Justin Trudeau, who was visiting Kyiv. The president did not confirm whether this is part of the much-anticipated large-scale counteroffensive.

Heavy Fighting Reported Along the Front Line

According to Selenskyj, there are intense battles going on along the front line. The Ukrainian President responded to a reporter's question about Russian President Vladimir Putin's remarks on Friday, claiming that the Ukrainian counteroffensive had started, resulting in significant losses for Ukrainian troops. Moscow reported recent heavy fighting, primarily in southern Ukraine, adding that the Ukrainian army failed to achieve its goals.

Selenskyj Deliberately Vague on Military Plans

Selenskyj declined to provide information on the status or phase of the counteroffensive actions, stating only that "defensive and counteroffensive actions" were taking place in Ukraine. He added that he is in daily contact with commanders in different locations who remain optimistic.

Ukrainian Army Advances 1,400 Meters Near Bachmut

Serhij Tscherewaty, spokesman for the Eastern Command of the Ukrainian army, reported that Ukrainian troops advanced about 1,400 meters around the destroyed city of Bachmut in the east of the country. Moscow announced its capture in May.

Drone Attack Kills Three and Injures 26 in Odessa

During the night of Saturday, a Russian drone attack led to three deaths in Odessa, according to Ukrainian officials. Although Ukrainian anti-aircraft destroyed all the drones, falling debris hit a residential high-rise building, starting a fire. The attack also injured 26 people, including three children.

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