Ukraine Reports Reclaiming Villages

news 12-Jun-2023 Europe

According to its military, Ukraine has freed several villages in the southeast of the country. Vice Defense Minister Maljar also stated that Russian combat units had been withdrawn from the Kherson area.

The Ukrainian armed forces reported the retaking of three villages in the Donetsk region, partially occupied by Russia in the eastern part of the country. Initially, the Ukrainian military announced that Ukrainian soldiers had "freed" the village of Blahodatne. Less than three hours later, Ukrainian border guards announced the recapture of the village of Neskutschno, stating that "the Ukrainian flag is flying over the village again." Finally, in the evening, Vice Defense Minister Hanna Maljar stated that the village of Makariwka, located near Blahodatne, was also back in Ukrainian hands.

The troops released a video showing the Ukrainian flag being raised on a partially destroyed building, and prisoners had been taken, they reported.

Russia Claims Grey Zones

There was no confirmation of the alleged recapture from the Russian side. Vladimir Rogov, the governor appointed by Moscow of the neighboring Zaporizhia region, stated on Telegram that Blahodatne, as well as two villages in Zaporizhia, were in a "gray zone" where it was unclear who was in control. Russian troops had retaken another village in Donetsk after a short time. "The situation is developing," wrote Rogov. "Nothing unusual." The Russian army has claimed for days that it has repelled the Ukrainian offensive.

These are the first recaptured villages reported from Ukraine in months; previously, Kyiv had only reported the retaking of several hundred square meters on the outskirts of the highly contested city of Bakhmut.

Maljar: Russian Units Withdrawn

Furthermore, Russian troops had withdrawn combat units from the Kherson area to reinforce contingents in other parts of the front, such as Saporizhia and Bakhmut in Donetsk, according to Vice Minister Maljar.

She stated again that Russia had deliberately destroyed the Kachowka Dam on Tuesday, flooding the Kherson area to make it impassable for the Ukrainian offensive. Moscow's goal was to free up its troops for other missions. However, the flood after the dam burst had destroyed Russian defense positions as well. Russia claims that the Ukrainian armed forces destroyed the dam with rocket fire.

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