Pro European Party Ahead in Montenegro

news 12-Jun-2023 Europe

According to unofficial results, the movement 'Europe Now!' has won the parliamentary election in Montenegro. The party, led by former finance minister Spajic, secured 26% of the votes. He plans to form a "pro-European government."

The recently formed 'Europe Now!' is expected to win the preterm parliamentary election in Montenegro, according to forecasts. Based on all counted votes, the Centre for Democratic Transition's survey saw the group, headed by ex-finance minister Milojko Spajic, with 26%, while the alliance led by the long-ruling Democratic Party of Socialists received 23%.

The unofficial results were based on pollsters' predictions and samples from individual polling stations. The election commission is expected to announce the official results in the coming days.

Difficult Negotiations Expected

If the forecasts prove true, 'Europe Now!' would not have enough votes on Sunday to form a government alone. Observers anticipate difficult coalition talks. "Tomorrow is a new day," said Spajic, the leader of 'Europe Now!'. "We will not be arrogant, and we will sit down with anyone who shares our values. We will, of course, form a new pro-European government."

Unlike previous elections, the central topic in the campaign was not whether the country should move towards the EU or closer to Russia and Serbia. Instead, the focus was mainly on the economy and living standards.

Around 542,000 people were eligible to vote on Sunday. Candidates from 15 parties, decisively pro-Western or pro-Serb and pro-Russian, contested the elections. Voter turnout was approximately 56%, the lowest since the Balkan nation gained independence from Serbia in 2006.

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