Three People Stabbed - Suspect Arrested

news 14-Jun-2023 Europe

Three People Stabbed - Suspect Arrested

In the city of Nottingham, England, an attacker has stabbed three people to death. According to the police, the man first killed two students on a public street and then stabbed a middle-aged man. The 31-year-old suspect then allegedly drove the victim's van and hit three pedestrians. One victim is in critical condition, while the other two suffered minor injuries.

The alleged attacker was arrested after police officers overpowered him with a stun gun. He is under suspicion of murder, but the motive is currently unclear. Nottinghamshire Police believe that the suspect acted alone, and authorities are investigating the case with the assistance of the counter-terrorism police.

Two of the victims were 19 years old

Early in the morning, emergency services initially found the two dead 19-year-olds on a public street near a student dormitory. The third victim, a man between 50 and 60 years old, was found about one mile away.

According to initial findings, the alleged attacker stole the van from one of his victims and drove it for about 90 minutes after the first attack before hitting the three people at a bus stop, where witnesses reported that he accelerated when he spotted a police car. The vehicle then hit a man and a woman before he drove through the city center, where police chased him.

Authorities have conducted searches at several residential addresses, but no further arrests have been made. The city center of Nottingham has now been declared safe by the police.

Condolences offered to the victims' families

The British Prime Minister Rishi Sunak tweeted that he was being kept informed about the events in Nottingham and expressed his condolences to the injured and the families of those who lost their lives. Home Secretary Suella Braverman made a similar statement. Alex Norris, a member of the Labour Party, expressed his outrage on Twitter, thanking the emergency services and police for their efforts.

Three Members of Parliament from Nottingham released a joint statement expressing their shock about the events and the tragedy that has befallen the city. Nadia Whittome, Lilian Greenwood, and Alex Norris emphasized that Nottingham was a beautiful city and home to brilliant people with diverse backgrounds.

Vigil held in Nottingham City center

A vigil was held in the city center late in the afternoon to honor the victims. The City Council Chairman Mellen led the gathering, stating that Nottingham is a city where people get along well, live in harmony, and work together. He added that the attack was horrendous, and whatever the motives might be, they would like to confront them.

Following the deadly attacks and the loss of two students, the University of Nottingham postponed the graduation ball. The students' union expressed their condolences and stood in solidarity with the victims and their families.

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