Trump pleads not guilty to charges while decrying political persecution

news 17-Jun-2023 Usa News

Former US President Donald Trump pleaded not guilty to 37 charges in a federal court in Miami through his lawyer. He then made unsupported claims of political persecution outside the courthouse, which were embraced by his supporters. Trump had been indicted the previous day in connection with the alleged withholding of documents while in office.

Trump supporters rally in Miami

As Trump's supporters rallied outside the courthouse in Miami, there was a shouting match between them and protesters who opposed Trump. The pro-Trump supporters vastly outnumbered the protesters. One woman defended Trump, saying that he had the right to declassify and withhold documents while he was president, adding that the real criminals were the family of Joe Biden. Another protester expressed hope that the legal proceedings would be dismissed, arguing that it would only make Trump stronger and that Democrats had only poured fuel on the fire.

Trump's narrative of corrupt justice system resonates with supporters

Such statements show that Trump's narrative of there being no independent judiciary in the country, with the legal proceedings against him initiated directly by President Biden and his Democrats, is resonating with many at the Republican base.

Trump's day in court

In court, Donald Trump was subject to the legal formalities for two hours, during which the newly appointed judge Jonathan Goodman read out the indictment in the courtroom. According to witnesses, Trump himself did not speak in the courtroom and remained silent during the entire proceeding, allowing his lawyer Todd Blanche to plead not guilty on all 37 charges.

Trump accuses Biden of abuse of power

After the hearing, Trump flew to New Jersey to address supporters at his golf club. He criticized President Biden again, and accused him of being "corrupt." Trump characterized his legal troubles as the "most sinister and reprehensible abuse of power in the history of our country." Trump also suggested that the president was targeting him because he was losing the election.

Trump carries on, despite legal troubles

Although Trump's legal situation remains unclear, there is no doubt that he intends to continue his political activity. He aims to stage a comeback and run for President again. However, there are conflicting opinions on this development. Some see it as Trump's fundamental right to political participation, while others say that no one is above the law and that he must face the consequences of his actions.

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