EU sets significantly higher target for renewable energy by 2030

news 18-Jun-2023 Europe

The EU states have now set a significantly higher goal for the share of renewable energy by 2030, doubling the previously achieved target. Originally the target was set at 32%, but it has now been increased to 45%.

The Increase of Renewable Energy

The EU aims to increase the share of renewable energy to 45% by 2030, instead of the previously set target of 32%. The EU member states agreed on this directive on Friday, as stated by the Federal Ministry of Economics.

A Great Success

Minister of Economics Robert Habeck stated that this decision is a great success for renewable energies. For Germany, it means that the expansion targets for wind turbines and solar plants will be underpinned and made binding by EU requirements. The EU target values provide a framework for further expansion. Habeck also said that it would trigger a boom in investments in the field.

Other Affected Sectors

Besides the electricity sector, the agreement also affects the areas of heating, transport, and industry. In these sectors, every country will have to set mandatory targets on how much renewable energy should be used. If a country does not meet these sector targets, it could face infringement proceedings.

Faster Approval Process

The approval procedures for new projects with renewable energies have also been accelerated. Therefore, the authorization processes for renewable energy projects within certain areas are no longer allowed to last more than twelve months.

Increased Use of Renewable Energy in Aviation

The use of fuel from renewable energy sources in aviation is also expected to increase. The goal is to increase the share of e-fuels from 1.2% in 2030 to 35% in 2050. In addition to e-fuels, biofuels from waste products will also be used to make up at least 70% of renewable aviation fuel used by 2050.

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