Ukraine Takes Out Munitions Depot on Occupied Land; London Summit Seeks Private Investment for Rebuilding Efforts

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London sees high losses on both sides

According to British intelligence services, both Ukraine and Russia are currently suffering high losses. NATO Secretary General Stoltenberg warns of a fake peace dictated by Russia. Follow the developments in our live blog.

Selenskyj thanks soldiers

On the occasion of Ukrainian Father’s Day, President Volodymyr Selenskyj thanked the deployed soldiers. “Thanks to every Ukrainian father, every Ukrainian family for our strong and brave soldiers who have defended the independence of Ukraine and fight for the life of Ukraine,” said Selenskyj.

“I wish our fathers a long and healthy life,” said the president. “And to every father who is at the front, that he comes home.”

Many Ukrainian soldiers are not professional soldiers but mobilized citizens or volunteers. They have only been fighting since the illegal Russian invasion of their homeland.

Russia: Heaviest fighting near Zaporizhia

According to the Russian government, the heaviest attacks by the Ukrainian military are currently taking place on the front in Zaporizhia. The Ministry of Defense in Moscow announced that Ukrainian attacks had been repulsed at three front sections.

There is no mention of the village of Pyatykhatky in the Zaporizhia Oblast, which, according to the local Russian occupation administration, was recaptured by Ukrainian troops. Such information about the fighting cannot be independently verified.

EU Commissioner pledges faster weapons delivery

EU Commissioner for Industry Thierry Breton has pledged faster weapons deliveries from the European Union to Ukraine. “We will intensify our efforts to deliver weapons and ammunition,” he told the French newspaper “Le Parisien.” He referred to the promise to deliver one million large-caliber weapons within twelve months. “We are preparing for the war to last several more months or even longer.”

UK gives Ukraine more money for cyber defense

The UK wants to expand its program to support Ukrainian cyber defense. The government announced an additional £16 million to be made available. Another nine million pounds could come from international allies. The package would better enable Ukraine to defend its critical national infrastructure against Russian attacks.

“Russia’s appalling attacks on Ukraine are not limited to barbaric land invasion, but include despicable attempts to attack the country’s cyber infrastructure,” said Prime Minister Rishi Sunak. This provides essential services for the Ukrainian population, from banking to energy supply. The new financial resources are crucial “to stop these attacks, strengthen Ukraine’s cyber defense, and improve the country’s ability to detect and disable malware aimed at them.”

Ukrainian officer warns against high expectations of counteroffensive

A Ukrainian officer deployed to the front in Ukraine has warned not to connect the ongoing Ukrainian counteroffensive with expectations of an end to the war. “There is still a long way to go,” said Lieutenant Colonel Serhiy Osatschuk, deployed to the Donbas front, to the Redaktionsnetzwerk Deutschland (RND).

Osatschuk nevertheless expressed positivity about the progress of the counteroffensive in his front section – the troops are advancing every day. “If we compare the war in Ukraine to World War I, then we are in 1916, not further,” said the PhD historian. The First World War continued for two more years after that.

Osatschuk is reportedly deployed in Tschassiw Jar near the city of Bakhmut, which is currently occupied by Russian troops after months of heavy fighting. With regard to the ongoing Ukrainian counteroffensive, the officer said the goal was not to engage in costly battles for every single village. Instead, an encirclement of Russian troops is sought so that they retreat on a large scale out of fear of being surrounded. “But I am very realistic, I see what lies ahead of us. There are Russian divisions that are also well trained and equipped. They have modern T-90 tanks, not museum pieces from Red Square.”

British intelligence services: High losses on both sides

According to British intelligence services, both the Ukrainian and Russian sides are currently suffering high losses in the fierce fighting in Ukraine. This is evident from a report published on Sunday by the British Ministry of Defence.

The Russian troops have probably suffered their heaviest losses since the battle for the city of Bakhmut in March over the past few days, the report said. The ministry did not estimate the number of casualties.

Accordingly, the most intensive fighting is taking place in the Zaporizhia Oblast, in the west of the Donetsk Oblast, and around Bakhmut. “In all of these areas, Ukraine is still on the offensive and has made small advances,” it said. In the south, however, Russia often achieves relatively successful “defensive operations”. The Ministry of Defence has been publishing a daily report since the beginning of Russia’s aggressive war against its neighboring country almost 16 months ago. Moscow accuses London of disinformation.

World Federation: Russian lugers remain suspended

According to current plans, the upcoming luge season will also take place without athletes from Russia due to the Russian aggressions in Ukraine. This was decided by the luge world federation FIL at its congress in the Romanian capital, Bucharest, on Saturday. 22 member nations voted in favor, one against, and five abstained.

All athletes, coaches, and other officials of the Russian Luge Federation remain excluded from FIL competitions until further notice to “ensure safety” and “peaceful sports competitions with integrity,” the association said in a statement. As long as the war that began in February 2022 continues, the Russians will be excluded from the luge sport. Russian athletes were already excluded from last winter’s events.

“New York Times”: Russia responsible for destroyed dam

The “New York Times” suggests in a report that Russia is likely to be responsible for the destruction of the Kakhovka dam. There are indications that “the dam was disabled by an explosion triggered from the side that controlled it: Russia.” The newspaper quotes engineers and explosives experts.

According to the experts, only a comprehensive examination of the dam can determine the sequence of events that led to the destruction. Erosion caused by water “could have led to failure” if the dam was poorly constructed or the concrete was of poor quality. “But engineers considered that unlikely,” the report said. Russia and Ukraine accuse each other of responsibility for the destruction.

Ukraine: Munitions depot destroyed on occupied territory

The Ukrainian military has announced that it destroyed a munitions depot near the Russian-occupied port city of Henichesk. According to the military administration in Odessa, it was a “very significant” depot. Russia has not yet commented on the allegations. The area is located in the southern Ukrainian region of Kherson.

Conference for Reconstruction in London

British Prime Minister Rishi Sunak is set to host a conference in London next week to seek private investments for the reconstruction of Ukraine. His office said he will urge investors and companies at the event on Wednesday to make the war-torn country “financially stronger” and “technologically advanced.”

More than 1,000 government officials from 61 countries, as well as business and corporate representatives, are set to attend the meeting. Germany will be represented by Foreign Minister Annalena Baerbock and Development Minister Svenja Schulze.

The first conference of this kind took place in Lugano, Switzerland, in July of last year. The two-day conference, jointly hosted by the UK and Ukraine, is now aimed mainly at the private sector. Ukrainian President Volodymyr Zelensky will join via video link. Both EU Commission President Ursula von der Leyen and US Secretary of State Antony Blinken are expected to speak at the opening session.

Stoltenberg warns of false peace

NATO Secretary-General Jens Stoltenberg warns of a false peace in Ukraine. “We all want this war to end. But for peace to be lasting, it must be just,” he told the “Welt am Sonntag”. “Peace cannot mean freezing the conflict and accepting a deal dictated by Russia. Only Ukraine alone can define the conditions that are acceptable,” he added.

In this context, the NATO chief pointed out that military successes on the battlefield would strengthen Ukraine’s negotiating position. “The more occupied territory Ukraine can liberate, the better cards it has at the negotiating table to achieve a just and lasting peace.”

Zelensky thanks Western aid

Amid the ongoing Ukrainian counteroffensive, President Volodymyr Zelensky has thanked Western partners for their continued military aid. In his evening video address, he also explicitly mentioned Germany, which has just announced the delivery of 64 more Patriot missile defense system missiles to the attacked country. Zelensky also thanked all countries and organizations that have supported Ukraine in dealing with the flood consequences following the destruction of the Kakhovka dam.

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