Ukraine Allegedly Liberates Pjatychatky

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The village of Pjatychatky in the Zaporizhzhia region is said to have been recaptured by Ukraine. This is claimed by a governor appointed by Russia. However, much of the situation remains unclear and contradictory.

Heavy fighting is reported in the Zaporizhzhia region between advancing Ukrainian units and the Russian army. The village of Pjatychatky is said to have been liberated by Ukrainian units. This is reported by the appointed administrative officer Vladimir Rogov in his Telegram channel. "The tide-like offensives of the enemy were successful despite enormous losses." Hundreds of Ukrainian soldiers were reportedly killed.

The village is now being shelled by Russian artillery, Rogov added. The aim is to encircle and destroy the troops.

Russia has taken and annexed parts of the Zaporizhzhia region. The capital city of the same name and other parts are still under Ukrainian control.

Two Ukrainian attack corridors?

According to the "Süddeutsche Zeitung," there are two attack axes of the Ukrainian army in the Zaporizhzhia region, both of which point south. The further westward advance around Orichiv probably aims at the heavily fortified city of Tokmak. Pjatychatky is located in this combat zone.

According to military expert Gustav Gressel from the think tank ECFR, every Ukrainian attack is currently being met with Russian counter-attacks, resulting in villages being captured and lost multiple times. The Russian side often relies on better-trained units.

The second attack axis around Velyka Novosilka has reportedly made greater territorial gains in Ukraine's view. The liberation of some villages was reported just under a week ago.

No details from Kyiv

There is no confirmation of Pjatychatky's takeover from the Ukrainian side. This is not unusual since the Kyiv authorities are generally releasing less information at present to avoid endangering the likely ongoing counteroffensive.

The Ukrainian armed forces only reported fighting at several sections of the front. Russian units attacked Bachmut, Avdiivka, Marinka, and Lyman. In addition, footage was distributed showing an attack on a Russian ammunition depot near the city of Henichesk in the occupied part of the Kherson region.

According to the Russian Defense Ministry, all Ukrainian attacks were repulsed in both the Zaporizhzhia region and further east towards Donetsk. Drone footage of military vehicles destroyed by artillery fire or drone strikes was again shown as evidence. The footage cannot be dated or located.

Freuding: Russian defense well prepared

Bundeswehr General Christian Freuding warned in the Berlin report not to have too high expectations of the Ukrainian counteroffensive. Although they have seen initial successes, the Russian defense is well prepared.

In the long run, he could not commit himself to the chances of success. Ukraine has been paying a high price for more than 400 days, so one must be careful not to judge tactics and procedures from the "Berlin summer terrace."

London: High Losses on Both Sides

According to the assessment by the British Ministry of Defence, the Ukrainian counteroffensive is progressing slowly and with high losses on both sides. The fiercest fighting took place in the Zaporizhzhia region, around Bachmut, and further west in the Donetsk region, the Ministry tweeted.

While the Ukrainian troops had made some progress, the Russian defense was quite effective in the south.

Ukrainian officer with subdued hopes

Meanwhile, a Ukrainian officer deployed at the front warned against linking the Ukrainian counteroffensive with expectations of an end to the war. "There's still a long way to go," said Lieutenant Colonel Serhii Osatschuk, deployed at the Donbass front, to Redaktionsnetzwerk Deutschland.

He commented positively on the course of attacks in his section of the front - the troops were advancing every day. If one compared the war in Ukraine to World War I, "then we are in the year 1916, not further," said the PhD historian.

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