The Tate brothers face charges of human trafficking

news 20-Jun-2023 Europe

The Tate brothers face charges of human trafficking, rape, and forming a criminal group in Romania

The Tate brothers - British-American influencers - are facing a trial in Bucharest, Romania, along with two Romanian collaborators, on charges of sexually exploiting women. The special unit of the Romanian Public Prosecutor's Office (DIICOT) responsible for organized crime announced that the investigation was completed and forwarded the charges to the court. The trial date has not yet been announced.

The prosecution expands the charges against the four defendants

The prosecutors recently expanded the allegations against the four accused: The known offenses of human trafficking and rape were committed "in a continuous form" rather than just once, according to DIICOT. The defendants face up to 13 years in prison for forming an organized criminal group.

The methods used by the defendants and the impact of their action

The four suspects were arrested on December 30, 2022, in Voluntari, a suburb of Bucharest. In April, their pretrial detention was reclassified to house arrest. The Tate brothers and their accomplices are accused of forcing young women to participate in commercially distributed sex videos through manipulation techniques. The so-called loverboy technique was allegedly used to make the girls dependent on them. According to the prosecution, in 2021, the brothers and their accomplices formed a criminal group aimed at trafficking people in Romania, the United States, and Great Britain. The indictment also covers "illegal access to a computer system, altering the integrity of computer data, incitement to assault or other violence, and assault or other violence."

Confiscation of properties, weapons, and cars

One of the two Romanian collaborators of the Tate brothers was formerly a policewoman. Seven victims have been identified so far. The Tate brothers deny the allegations. Weapons and large sums of cash were discovered by investigators when the brothers were arrested in their villa. Later, ten properties and fifteen luxury cars owned by the Tates in Romania were confiscated by the authorities.

Andrew Tate's infamous reputation and toxic masculinity

Andrew Tate gained notoriety in 2016 when he was thrown out of the UK's version of the reality show Big Brother after a video of him hitting a woman with a belt went public. As an influencer, he always portrayed himself with misogynistic language. In the UK and beyond, he is viewed as the embodiment of so-called toxic masculinity.

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