EU Increases Focus on Frontex Despite Past Scandals

news 20-Jun-2023 Europe

EU Increases Focus on Frontex Despite Past Scandals Despite being involved in past scandals, the EU is planning to involve its agency for border and coast guard, Frontex, even more in the future due to rising refugee numbers.

Frontex to Play Central Role in ETIAS System Frontex has just been given a central role in the implementation of the so-called ETIAS system, which aims to identify whether an entrant poses a threat to the security of Schengen Area countries.

Frontex Involved in More Asylum Rejections and Border Operations Despite Criticism Frontex continues to be involved in more rejected asylum applications and border operations, with 2,700 Frontex employees currently involved in 20 operations with local law enforcement along the EU's external borders. Despite criticism related to past allegations of "Pushbacks," Frontex's involvement in asylum rejections is only expected to increase in the coming years.

Rising Importance, Authorities and Funding for Frontex Given mounting refugee numbers, Frontex is gaining increasing importance, authority, and funding. A budget of €5.6 billion is planned for the current budget until 2027, along with a permanent reserve of 10,000 EU border guards.

Criticisms and Renewed Scrutiny Frontex is not free of criticisms, with some accusations suggesting that it has enabled or facilitated so-called "Pushbacks." However, under the new leadership of Hans Leijtens, Frontex is working to build better controls and stronger oversight mechanisms. Nonetheless, Frontex has come under scrutiny after it was revealed that it was aware of an overburdened ship off the coast of Greece that is believed to have resulted in over 500 refugee deaths. The accusation is that Frontex could have done and should have done more. While Frontex has alerted local authorities, some argue that Frontex should have taken more direct action to manage the situation.

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