SC Magdeburg celebrated by thousands of fans on town hall balcony after Champions League win

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Magdeburg celebrates SCM heroes on the town hall balcony

Just a few hours after their triumph in the Champions League, thousands of fans celebrated the champions from the SC Magdeburg on the town hall balcony. The team first signed the city's Golden Book on the invitation of Mayor Simone Borris and was praised by Prime Minister Reiner Haseloff as an "important identification point for the entire state."

Celebration on the town hall balcony Shortly before 6 am, head coach Bennet Wiegert, SCM president Dirk Roswandowicz, athletic trainer Daniel Müller, physiotherapist, and long-term injured player Omar Ingi Magnusson arrived at the home Getec-Arena with the team bus while the rest of the team left from Cologne on Monday morning. A small group of nine unwavering SCM fans had waited for the bus for hours - and each one was greeted with a handshake from the coach.

Silent vigil and entry into the Golden Book A few hours later, this was no longer possible at the town hall in the Elbe city. In addition to the Prime Minister and the Mayor of Magdeburg, thousands of SCM fans waited for the team. "June 19th is a historic day for Magdeburg," Borris said, praising the handball team's achievement. Before the celebration on the town hall balcony, there was an entry into the Golden Book of the city, but before that, there was a moment of silence for the Polish journalist who died at the final four. "Once again, we have seen how close happiness and sorrow are to each other. I am incredibly sorry, this is just shit," Wiegert said with compassion.

"It is a childhood dream come true. I cried about 14 times in the last 14 hours," said left winger Matthias Musche to MDR. "I can't say too much, otherwise I'll start crying again. We are now the best team in the world." The triumph on Sunday in Cologne was extensively celebrated. "We partied like crazy!" Musche continued.

Players called to the balcony One by one, the players were called to the balcony, and the SCM supporters on the Old Market called out their names loudly. When Gisli Kristjansson appeared after captain Christian O'Sullivan, the loudest cheers broke out. Despite a dislocated shoulder and great pain, the Icelander Kristjansson led his team to the championship in the final.

Marko Bezjak, Piotr Chrapkowski, and Kay Smits probably made their last appearance on the Magdeburg balcony. All three are leaving the club at the end of the season. Bezjak, in particular, who played ten years in Magdeburg since 2013, and won the Champions League, the DHB Cup, the championship, the European League, and the Super Globe, will leave a huge gap.

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