Max Verstappen Unstoppable Reign in F1: Impressive Stats, Unchallenged Competition, and Future Prospects

news 20-Jun-2023 Sport

Max Verstappen is unstoppable in the Formula 1, and his third title seems almost certain. His dominance is not just due to his Red Bull machine, as evidenced by his recent victory at the Canadian Grand Prix.

Unstoppable Verstappen

During his lead at the Canadian Grand Prix, Max Verstappen found the race a bit boring. He irritated his crew, complaining three times in a row over the radio that the tires didn't have enough grip. The Red Bull command center replied, slightly annoyed, “Yes, Verstappen, we understand,” and Max Verstappen resumed his driving. The lack of grip did not affect his performances, nor did the unfortunate collision with a bird that got stuck in Red Bull's brake duct in the 12th round. Max Verstappen informed his box that he had killed a bird before bursting into laughter moments afterward. In a race dominated by Max Verstappen's incredible performance, even a bird collision was of little relevance.

Impressive Stats

However, Max Verstappen's achievements are impressive, not just due to his dominant win. After achieving his 41st career victory, Verstappen joined the legendary Ayrton Senna in the winners' list. Only four other drivers overtook this number, namely Lewis Hamilton, Michael Schumacher, Sebastian Vettel, and Alain Prost. Additionally, Red Bull's victory marks the team's 100th Grand Prix win since Sebastian Vettel's first in 2009. Max Verstappen has his eyes set on surpassing Alain Prost's 51 wins this season and potentially approach Sebastian Vettel's 53 with 14 more races remaining. Max Verstappen has the potential to beat these records and achieve Red Bull's goal of winning 200 races.

Unchallenged competition and team dynamic

Max Verstappen is only 25 years old, giving him plenty of time to set new records. Besides, there does not seem to be anyone who can pose a threat so far. The Spanish newspaper "El Mundo Deportivo" said that Max Verstappen had the world in his hands, exaggerating but not entirely inaccurate as Max dominates the Formula-1 world. The advanced equipment of the Red Bull team is also critical; however, Verstappen's driving skills significantly contribute to his success. Teammate Sergio Perez has similar machinery but seems to underperform. Perez missed the top 10 in qualifying three times in a row and did not succeed in reigniting the hope for an intense Red Bull internal championship battle after finishing 16th, 4th, and 6th in Monaco, Barcelona and Montreal. Since the 48th round of the Grand Prix in Miami in early May, Verstappen has led for 224 uninterrupted rounds, with only Italian Alberto Ascari (305) and Senna (264) above him in this regard.

Future prospects

The recent Canadian Grand Prix witnessed a battle between two former champions, Lewis Hamilton in Mercedes and Fernando Alonso in Aston Martin, for second place. Alonso, 41, won the duel, while Hamilton, 38, smiled and remarked that Max Verstappen was "a bit" far ahead. If Max Verstappen continues racing as long as his counterparts, he could ultimately exceed the announced 200 victory mark.

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