Biden son pleads guilty to violating tax and gun regulations

news 21-Jun-2023 Usa News

Biden's son pleads guilty to violating tax and gun regulations

US justice has been investigating Hunter Biden, the son of the US President, for some time now. The 53-year-old recently pleaded guilty to violating tax and gun laws in order to avoid a trial.

As part of a plea deal with the authorities, Hunter Biden admitted to two cases of tax evasion, according to court documents released on Tuesday. In a separate case, he admitted to owning a firearm, despite being prohibited from doing so as a drug user.

Deal with authorities

The US authorities had been investigating Hunter Biden for some time. The agreements with the Delaware State Attorney's Office are designed to prevent a trial from taking place.

According to the "New York Times," the deal with the authorities is conditional on Hunter Biden being drug-free for two years and committing never to own a firearm again. Hunter Biden had publicly acknowledged his long-standing drug addiction in a book.

The son of the US president must appear in court, where a judge would have to approve the agreement.

Hunter Biden denies wrongdoing

It is not uncommon for plea bargains to be reached in criminal proceedings, in which the prosecution makes certain concessions to a defendant in exchange for a guilty plea. Hunter Biden had always denied any wrongdoing in the past.

The matter is also politically very sensitive. Joe Biden has announced he will seek a second term as president in 2024. His son Hunter has been the target of political attacks from Republicans for years, particularly from former President Donald Trump.

The Republican accused Hunter Biden of corruption in connection with foreign deals in Ukraine and China. With their majority in the House of Representatives, Republicans have initiated investigations into Hunter Biden's financial dealings. In the past, Joe Biden has always dismissed attacks against his son as a smear campaign. (AFP)

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