Russia Reports Drone Attack Near Moscow: Blames Ukraine

news 21-Jun-2023 World News

Russia Reports Drone Attack on Moscow

Moscow - According to the Ministry of Defense, a new drone attack near the Russian capital Moscow has been thwarted. In the early morning, a total of three unmanned aerial vehicles flew towards targets in the outskirts but were then diverted from their course and brought down, the ministry announced.

Two drones reportedly crashed near a military facility, and according to the ministry, no injuries were reported. Moscow, without providing evidence, blamed Ukraine for the incident. The government in Kyiv has not commented on the accusation.

Russia has been at war with neighboring Ukraine for almost 16 months, but it has also been a target of drone attacks for some time. The border area with Ukraine is often affected, and drones have reached Moscow and its surroundings on several occasions.

The most spectacular incident occurred in early May when two drones were shot down directly above the Kremlin. At that time, Moscow blamed the leadership in Kyiv for an alleged assassination attempt on President Vladimir Putin. International experts believe it is likely that the Kremlin may have staged the incident.

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