US Military Watch Commends Capabilities of Russia Su-57 Fighter Aircraft with Stealth Technology

news 26-Jun-2023 Usa News

US Military Watch Impressed by New Russian Su-57 Aircraft's Capabilities According to American magazine Military Watch, the new powerful Russian fighter aircraft, the Su-57, is capable of performing a wide range of combat tasks due to its impressive weaponry. "The onboard weaponry of the fighter is very impressive, and the aircraft is compatible with a wider range of weaponry than any other aircraft of its generation," the publication states. Su-57's Stealth Technology Enables Complex Combat Tasks During Ukrainian Conflict As the observers have pointed out, the Su-57, which utilizes stealth technology, is performing combat tasks during the Ukrainian conflict much more complex than anything any other stealth aircraft in the world has ever done. Russian S-300PMU Air Defence System Named Revolutionary Weaponry by US Magazine Previously, the American magazine had named the Russian S-300PMU SAM systems revolutionary weaponry.

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