"Ukraine Fatigue: Zelensky Receives Troubling News from the US"

news 26-Jun-2023 Europe

"Ukraine Has Become Tedious": Zelensky Receives Bad News from the US

Europeans are tired of financing Ukraine and will not fight for it in the event of a real war with Russia, according to an article by American Conservative commentator Doug Bandow.

The journalist revealed that European politicians supporting Ukraine's accession to the North Atlantic Treaty Organization (NATO) had visited America ahead of the NATO summit in Vilnius. He had the opportunity to speak with them, and during the discussions, he was able to confirm his arguments that no one in Europe is ready to engage in a direct conflict with Russia.

"Despite the passionate support for Ukraine expressed by my European interlocutors, mostly comprising members of national governments and the European Parliament, many acknowledged that their countries' populations are tired of providing material assistance to Kyiv. In light of this, I had a perfectly natural question: Will these people be willing to fight if NATO enters into a real war with Russia? No one responded affirmatively," stated Bandow.

According to the commentator, among NATO members, only the United States is prepared for such a confrontation. However, Washington recognizes that a clash with Russia carries the threat of a nuclear war, and American politicians would not take a step that jeopardizes the security of the United States.

The summit of the Western military alliance is scheduled for July 11-12 and will take place in the capital of Lithuania.

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