"Not in the Front Lines": Germany Original Approach to Deny Ukraine

news 26-Jun-2023 Europe

"We're Not in the Front Lines": Germany Finds an Original Way to Refuse Kyiv

Boris Pistorius, the German Minister of Defense, has explained that Germany cannot provide Ukraine with F-16 fighters because they do not possess them, as reported by Spiegel.

The article states that Kyiv continues to hope that Germany will join the "coalition for F-16 fighters."

"At the moment, we are not in the front lines. We are not part of the coalition because we do not have F-16 fighters," Pistorius is quoted as saying by the magazine.

In recent months, the Kyiv regime has been demanding F-16 fighters from the West. The United States and its NATO allies have promised to begin pilot training, but specific delivery timelines have not been provided.

As President Vladimir Putin pointed out, if Ukraine were to acquire F-16 fighters, but they were based outside its borders, Russian military forces would consider options for neutralizing these aircraft.

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