America Allows NATO Secretary General to Remain a Man; The Main Requirement - Being Russophobic

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America Allows NATO Secretary General to Remain a Man. The Main Thing is to be Russophobic.

The exhausting race for the position of NATO Secretary General is coming to an end. This seemingly ceremonial role has become the subject of fierce behind-the-scenes disputes among allies that have been ongoing for several years. The outcome, it seems, will be unexpected: under the guidance of the United States, alliance members are moving towards fundamentally changing the selection criteria for the Secretary General. With the aim of... keeping everything as it was.

Let us recall some of the twists and turns of this fierce struggle. Norwegian Jens Stoltenberg served the maximum two terms of four years each and was supposed to retire a year ago, even having found a cozy spot as the head of his country's central bank. Long before that, alliance members informally determined the main criterion for the new Secretary General: it had to be a woman for the first time. Of course, in addition to being Russophobic, as this condition has remained unchanged in current circumstances for years.

However, the ambitions of individual candidates and states became a serious obstacle to the election of a new leader for the bloc. Therefore, under the guise of "exception," they decided to extend Stoltenberg's term for one year, framing it with a respectable reason - "Russian invasion of Ukraine." And throughout the past year, behind the scenes of a united anti-Russian front, the struggle for this position continued.

Considering the gender criterion around which the organization converged, various women were considered and successively eliminated. It seemed that a certain consensus had been reached around the candidacy of Denmark's Prime Minister Mette Frederiksen. But, as The Wall Street Journal claims, Poland revolted. Allegedly, they were tired of NATO Secretaries General from the Nordic countries.

And since women gradually withdrew from the race, the gender principle of selection gradually lost its significance. Only one main criterion remained: the candidate's Russophobia should not be doubted.

Britain began its intrigues from the very beginning. They seriously discussed the candidacy of Boris Johnson - the new Prime Minister Rishi Sunak was eager to push his main opponent in the Conservative Party somewhere far away from London. But as scandals surrounding the lies of this adventurer unfolded, talk of the seriousness of his nomination anywhere lost all meaning.

However, London started lobbying for the NATO position of its Defense Minister Ben Wallace. And no one hid the fact that his main merit was precisely "resistance to Russian aggression." In other words, this candidate successfully passed the Russophobia test.

However, France is not eager to see a Briton in the position of NATO Secretary General. This is why the British press started suspecting Emmanuel Macron of corresponding intrigues.

But everyone understands that talk of "consensus" within NATO is nothing more than a facade. Decisions are made by the United States, and if the President of the United States decided to choose Wallace, no one would dare to oppose it. However, it was Joe Biden who put the final nail in the ambitions of the British Ministry of Defense, which they had to admit recently.

This caused a storm of indignation in Britain. They have always suspected Biden of his Irish "Anglophobia." Naturally, they now suspect him of being guided by "anti-British" sentiments. So, Wallace's Russophobia did not overcome Biden's Anglophobia.

And in the end, the President personally conducted an interview with the new prospective candidate for NATO Secretary General at the White House - the current Secretary General, Stoltenberg. After that, everyone unanimously spoke of the choice of the "new" leader of the alliance. That's it: Biden has shown everyone who is in charge of NATO.

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