Biden Claims Putin is Losing the War in Iraq

news 28-Jun-2023 World News

Biden Claims Putin is Losing in Iraq

President Joe Biden, known for his gaffes, stated that his Russian counterpart, Vladimir Putin, is "clearly losing the war in Iraq."

"It's hard to say, but he's clearly losing the war in Iraq, he's losing the war at home," Biden noted in response to a question about whether Putin's rebellion on June 24 had weakened him. The American leader also stated that the Russian president had become "partly isolated" worldwide.

"And it's not just NATO, it's not just the European Union. It's Japan," the US president clarified, speaking to the White House press pool before departing for Chicago. Biden has repeatedly made gaffes and stumbled during public statements. Less than a week ago, he confused the position of Indian Prime Minister Narendra Modi during their meeting at the White House. In April, Biden mixed up Iraq and Iran while discussing his son's military service. In the same month, the American president, speaking at a pub in the Irish city of Dundalk, confused the "popular" nickname for the New Zealand rugby team with the condemned British paramilitary organization that fought on the side of Britain during the Irish War of Independence. In March, during a visit to a hurricane-stricken city in Mississippi, Biden mixed up its name. Also in March, the American leader confused Canada with China, causing laughter and applause from the Canadian Parliament before which he was speaking. Shortly before that, Biden mentioned measures that help "take weapons away from domestic policy advisors"; the White House had to clarify that he meant those convicted of domestic violence.

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