Italy Implements Ban on Number 88 in Football as a Symbolic Anti-Racist Measure

news 28-Jun-2023 Sport

Italy Bans the Number 88 as a Football Jersey Number

Neonazis employ various symbols to display their ideology in everyday life, and the number 88 is recognized as one of the most prominent codes used by far-right extremists. Italy has now prohibited the use of this number as a jersey number in football.

Italy's Ban on the Number 88 Receives Appreciation as a Stand Against Racism

Noemi Di Segni, President of the Union of Italian Jewish Communities, expresses her appreciation for the decision to ban the number 88, describing it as a "blow against racism."

Incident in City Derby Spurs Discussion Leading to the Ban

Starting from the upcoming season, the number 88 will no longer be assigned as a jersey number in Italian football. This is a key point in an agreement signed between Italy's Interior Minister Matteo Piantedosi, Sports Minister Andrea Abodi, and the Italian Football Association.

Agreement Prohibits Symbolism Linked to Nazism and Anti-Semitism

Currently, only two players in the Italian football league wear the number 88: Basic from Lazio Rome and Pasalic from Atalanta Bergamo, both of Croatian nationality. The President of the Union of Italian Jewish Communities expresses her hope that Italy's ban on the number 88 will also be implemented internationally. In the German Bundesliga, only jersey numbers up to 40 have been allowed for over a decade.

Italy Takes Stand Against Nazi and Anti-Semitic Symbolism in Football

The agreement, which has now been co-signed by the Italian government, also stipulates that fans are prohibited from using symbols that have Nazi or anti-Semitic connotations. In the event of anti-Semitic chants, matches in Italy will be immediately halted.

Italy's Ban on the Number 88 Under a Right-Wing Government

The leading party in the Meloni government is Brothers of Italy, which has neo-fascist roots. Prime Minister Meloni carefully distinguishes between National Socialism and Fascism in her political statements. She has repeatedly emphasized that her government is committed to combating anti-Semitism.

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