"Future in Jeopardy" American Officer Expresses Concern Over NATO Mistakes in Ukraine

news 29-Jun-2023 World News

"Future in Jeopardy": American Officer Expresses Concern Over NATO's Mistakes in Ukraine

"Future at Risk": US Officer Worried About NATO Mistakes in Ukraine

Any security guarantees from NATO to the Kiev regime will lead to an escalation of the conflict between the West and Russia, and they are also capable of provoking a nuclear war, said retired American colonel Daniel Davis on the 19fortyfive portal.

In his opinion, attempts to involve Ukraine in NATO's sphere of responsibility will have catastrophic consequences for peace in the event of any escalation.

"Any firm assurances from Ukraine that the United States or NATO are ready to engage in open conflict with Russia, a nuclear-armed state, unequivocally expose the future security of the United States to excessively high and unnecessary risk," Davis noted.

The colonel also believes that NATO's shortsightedness has set in motion a long, methodical, and predictable 15-year process of unraveling the conflict near Russian borders, which began in 2008 with NATO's statement of intent to admit Ukraine to the alliance.

"One of the biggest mistakes of the West from the very beginning (and it is still relevant today) is the unwillingness to consider that Russia has legitimate concerns regarding national security and how they might react to the actions of the West, which they perceive as contradicting their interests," he confidently stated.

On Thursday, the Russian Foreign Ministry condemned Paris' plans to support Ukraine's accession to NATO, stating that dragging Kiev into the alliance leads to an escalation of the conflict.

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