President Dodik Takes Initiative and Mows Overgrown Grass in Banja Luka

news 29-Jun-2023 World News

President of the Republic of Serbian Bosnia and Herzegovina Mows Overgrown Grass on Road Section

President Milorad Dodik of the Republic of Serbian Bosnia and Herzegovina (RS BiH) took matters into his own hands and personally mowed the grass in Banja Luka, without waiting for the local authorities to take care of the landscaping.

President Dodik Takes up Scythe and Clears Grass in Banja Luka

"I have already brought to the attention of the responsible individuals that this area needs to be maintained, clean, and mowed. Since I believe they are leisurely enjoying themselves, I decided to take care of it myself! This is the last time I will do their work for them," he wrote on Twitter.

President Dodik Takes Matters into His Own Hands, Mowing Grass in Banja Luka

Wearing a white shirt, Dodik took a manual scythe and diligently mowed the overgrown grass on a section of the bypass road in the main city of this part of the country—Banja Luka.

Supportive Drivers Honk as President Dodik Mows Grass in Banja Luka

Drivers passing by slowed down next to the president to express their support, honking their horns. However, no one stepped out to help with the mowing.

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