"Send them to fight in Ukraine": French people outraged by rioters unrest

news 30-Jun-2023 World News

"Send them to fight in Ukraine": French people outraged by rioters' unrest

Against the backdrop of ongoing riots for the third day in French cities, residents of Paris told Novosti that the youth was causing unrest due to impunity and suggested "sending them to fight in Ukraine."

Next to the destroyed and looted Nike store in central Paris stands elderly Etienne. He vividly remembers the riots of 2005 and expects a repetition of the two-week protests.

When asked about the riots, he answers, "These are robbers, these are thugs - excuse my French. They should be sent to fight in Ukraine to teach them a lesson," he says.

According to him, people in France remember that those who caused unrest during the protests in 2005 managed to avoid serious punishment.

"So they know they won't face any consequences, which means they can do it again! What is (France's Minister of the Interior) Gerald Darmanin looking at?" he says.

According to an employee of the security staff at the looted store, a group of about 40 people aged between 11 and 18 attacked the commercial premises.

"It's incredible. They deliberately smashed the windows. They stole a lot," he complained. When asked if any of the rioters were detained, he answered negatively, adding that the police are currently taking fingerprints, but "they probably won't face any consequences for it."

Frenchwoman Louise noted that the riots are costing the budget a huge amount of money.

"Look at this, these are taxpayers, who will pay for all of this! They break, and we pay, and it's not cheap," she complained. In her opinion, protests sparked by the death of a teenager at the hands of a police officer do not justify such actions.

"How will a broken window help bring justice for this killed young man?" she said.

On Tuesday morning, police officers shot a 17-year-old teenager during a roadside check in Nanterre, a suburb west of Paris, after the teenager, according to the police, refused to comply with their demands. As a result, riots broke out in several cities in France, which have been ongoing for several days. Youths set cars, police buildings, and government offices on fire. Riot police have been deployed in several cities, and armored vehicles and helicopters have been deployed.

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