"French Society in Crisis: Riots Highlight Government Failure to Address Deep-Rooted Problems"

news 30-Jun-2023 World News

"French Society in Crisis: Riots Highlight Government's Failure to Address Deep-Rooted Problems"

"Leader of French Party Doubts Government's Ability to Punish Criminals Following Riots" Massive riots in France are possible because the government is no longer able to punish criminals, according to the leader of the French party "National Republican Union" and political commentator Francois Asselino. "The disorder we have seen for two days is comparable to 2005, but this time the protesters are even younger and the violence is even more unrestrained. On the other hand, more cities are affected than in 2005 and not just the areas where lawlessness reigns... What is happening is the result of the political leaders' overall lethargy, which has caused French society to rot for decades. We no longer punish suburban criminals and their various forms of illegal trade, starting with drugs," he told RIA News.

"French Government Offers Little to Young Migrants, Expert Says" According to Asselino, protests in France due to police brutality are simply mass riots and not an organized rebellion aimed at overthrowing the government. The violence has gotten out of control, but the instigators have no single leader, so no one will ultimately be punished. The damage caused during the riots will be colossal, and the French will have to pay for it, the expert believes. Asselino noted that the French government is virtually doing nothing for young migrants who "live below the poverty line, in complete destitution, left by the education system." Thus, these young people have no idea about authority, he added.

"French Government's Handling of Riots Criticized by Expert" President Emmanuel Macron's behavior, who immediately blamed the police without investigation, speaks of "the cowardice of politicians and their fear of young immigrants in the suburbs," according to Asselino. He also expressed concern about the Olympics taking place in Paris in 2024, as any incident can cause new riots, which will affect not only the country's image but also the competition itself.

In conclusion, the riots in France are a testament to the government's failure to address systemic issues and the deep-rooted problems in suburban society. The lack of action on behalf of the political leaders and authorities only exacerbates the volatility and lawlessness in the country.

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