Denmark Implements Stricter Regulations to Tackle Nitrous Oxide Abuse

news 30-Jun-2023 Europe

Tighter Rules against Nitrous Oxide Consumption

Denmark Introduces Stricter Regulations to Combat Nitrous Oxide Abuse

Denmark's government aims to intensify the fight against the consumption of nitrous oxide as a drug. As of Saturday, stricter regulations will come into effect.

Starting in July, it will be prohibited to carry nitrous oxide in public spaces in Denmark, unless it is for commercial use. This restriction applies to schools and educational institutions, streets, parks, shopping centers, as well as pubs, nightclubs, and festivals. Violators may face significant fines of up to €670 (approximately $790).

The sale of nitrous oxide to minors will be universally banned starting this weekend. Likewise, selling the gas "for the purpose of intoxication" is prohibited.

According to the news agency dpa, the consumption of nitrous oxide as a recreational drug has been increasingly prevalent among Danish teenagers and young adults in recent years. The Danish security authority aims to counteract this trend with the enhanced regulations.

Long-Term Risks Associated with Regular Consumption

Nitrous oxide, also known as dinitrogen monoxide, is used in various fields. It is used in medicine as an anesthetic and also finds application in whipped cream dispensers through the use of cream chargers. Additionally, it can be employed in automotive propulsion systems.

When consumed as a recreational drug, nitrous oxide can induce mild hallucinations, feelings of warmth, and euphoria, according to, a project by the Federal Center for Health Education (BZgA).

The authority also warns of potential health risks associated with its consumption, such as numbness and dizziness. When the concentration of nitrous oxide in the breathing air exceeds 90 percent, it can lead to unconsciousness and brain damage. Frequent consumption of nitrous oxide can cause damage to internal organs and the nervous system, as stated by the BZgA.

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