Positive Atmosphere as Pistorius Meets with US Defense Minister Austin

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Germany's Engagement in Ukraine Recognized during Pistorius' Official Visit

Grateful Official Visit for Pistorius

Positive Atmosphere during Defense Minister Pistorius' Official Visit to the USA: His counterpart, Austin, praised Germany's involvement in Ukraine. Pistorius believes "we are seen in an important role."

They seem to get along well - Federal Defense Minister Boris Pistorius and his American counterpart, Lloyd Austin. The discussions between the two governments a few months ago regarding tank deliveries to Ukraine are forgotten. Now it's time to demonstrate unity.

"You are well aware of the scale at which we operate and that we are now the second-largest supporter of Ukraine," Pistorius explained. "There was not a hint of criticism or questioning or any additional demands. We are seen in an important role."

"Grateful for everything Germany has done"

During the official visit, Austin indeed had much praise for Germany's role in Ukraine assistance: "As Russia continues its ruthless war, I am grateful for everything Germany has done to support Ukraine." The security assistance from the German government and the contribution to training Ukrainian defenders are invaluable, according to the American Defense Minister.

The German government intends to remain engaged in this area. "By the end of this year, we will have trained 10,000 Ukrainian soldiers - to my knowledge, no one has trained more," said Pistorius. "In any case, we are among those doing the most." These efforts are vital for Ukraine's survival, particularly in the current situation.

Keeping an Eye on Russia and China

In addition to the Ukraine issue, the defense ministers also discussed the tense situation with China in the Indo-Pacific and the upcoming NATO summit in a few weeks. The mercenary uprising in Russia is likely to have occupied both ministers' minds as well.

"I believe one does not need to be an expert on Russia to recognize that a situation that can flourish so quickly in such a short time is a clear indication that something has gone wrong or there are cracks," Pistorius said regarding the uprising by the Wagner mercenary group and their leader, Yevgeny Prigozhin. The depth of these cracks and their potential consequences "for Russia, for internal stability, for Putin" cannot yet be estimated, according to Pistorius.

The official visit was originally planned for April but had to be postponed at that time due to the conflicts in Sudan.

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