US Supreme Court Rules Against Considering Skin Color in University Admissions

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Skin Color Should No Longer Be a Selection Criterion at Universities

The Supreme Court of the United States has declared "Affirmative Action" unconstitutional. This long-standing practice was primarily aimed at facilitating access for African Americans to higher education institutions. President Biden criticized the decision.

US Supreme Court Prohibits Consideration of Skin Color in University Admissions

In a historic ruling, the Supreme Court in Washington has prohibited universities from considering the skin color of applicants in the selection process. The practice known as "Affirmative Action" was deemed unconstitutional. Universities have been employing this approach for decades to ensure better access for minorities, particularly African Americans, to higher education.

Are Applicants of Asian Heritage Being Disadvantaged?

The Supreme Court ruling pertained to lawsuits filed by the student organization "Students for Fair Admissions" against the private Ivy League university, Harvard, and the public University of North Carolina (UNC). The plaintiffs argued that the selection procedures, particularly targeting African Americans, resulted in a disadvantage for applicants of Asian heritage.

"Affirmative Action" Has Always Been Controversial

Programs under the umbrella of "Affirmative Action" were introduced in the 1960s during the US civil rights movement. The aim was to provide better access to quality educational institutions for African Americans after centuries of oppression, discrimination, and disadvantage. However, these programs have always been contentious. White applicants argued in court that they were victims of "reverse discrimination." Critics also argue that considering skin color perpetuates the division of people into different groups, further dividing society.

Biden: Decision Cannot Be the "Final Word"

US President Joe Biden expressed strong disagreement with the Supreme Court's ruling. In a televised address from the White House, he called the verdict a "serious disappointment." The conservative-dominated court has deviated from "decades of jurisprudence," and Biden emphasized that this decision should not be the "final word."

Biden Appeals to Universities to Promote Diversity

The President urged universities to continue striving for a student body that reflects the diverse backgrounds and experiences of the entire nation. He stated that today's decision does not change the fact that discrimination still exists in America.

Democratic Senator Schumer Calls Ruling a "Major Roadblock" to Racial Equality Chuck Schumer, the Democratic Majority Leader in the Senate and a member of Biden's party, described the ruling as a "huge roadblock on the march toward racial equality" in his initial statement.

Former President Trump Welcomes Supreme Court Ruling

Former President Donald Trump, a Republican, expressed his approval of the Supreme Court ruling, stating that individuals with exceptional abilities would finally be rewarded. He remarked, "Everything is becoming performance-oriented again - and that's how it should be!"

During his tenure, Trump had the opportunity to appoint three new justices to the Supreme Court. This led to a shift to the right, as now six out of the nine justices are considered conservatives. They voted against "Affirmative Action" in both cases.

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