Musk Reveals Potential Venue for Showdown with Zuckerberg: The Colosseum

news 01-Jul-2023 Business

Musk Reveals Potential Venue for Showdown with Zuckerberg

American entrepreneur Elon Musk announced on his Twitter page that his showdown with Meta Corporation CEO Mark Zuckerberg could take place in the Colosseum.

Musk had previously tweeted that he was ready to battle Zuckerberg in a cage. Later, Zuckerberg offered to send the location to the head of Tesla through his Instagram account. Verge publication confirmed that the message from the Meta CEO was not a joke.

Musk Trains in Martial Arts Ahead of Anticipated Fight with Meta CEO

Furthermore, Musk recently underwent martial arts training with renowned scientist, blogger, and black belt holder in Brazilian jiu-jitsu, Lex Friedman, amidst reports of an impending battle with the head of Meta Corporation.

Facebook announced its rebranding to Meta in 2021, with its creator Mark Zuckerberg stating that the new brand focuses on the metaverse, where individuals will move away from screens and experience a sense of presence in virtual reality.

Twitter Inc. was founded in 2006 as a social network for exchanging short messages. Elon Musk completed a $44 billion deal to acquire Twitter in the autumn of 2022.

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