Deadly Shooting Leaves Two Dead and Multiple Injured in Baltimore

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Fatal Shooting in Baltimore Leaves Multiple Casualties

Subtitle: Two Killed and Over 25 Injured in Gunfire Attack

In the US city of Baltimore, two people have been killed in a shooting incident, with over 25 others injured, according to the police. The motives behind the attack are currently unknown.

During the night in Baltimore, USA, deadly shots were fired, resulting in the deaths of two individuals, as confirmed by the local police. An 18-year-old was found dead by law enforcement, while a 20-year-old succumbed to injuries at the hospital. More than 25 people of various ages were injured.

The responsible police commissioner, Richard Worley, described the incident as an "extensive crime scene" in the Brooklyn Homes neighborhood in the southern part of the city. He urged the public to provide any information regarding the crime. The homicide division has taken over the investigation. No further details regarding the background or suspects have been released. It remains unclear whether it was a one-sided attack or an exchange of gunfire.

"We Will Find You"

Baltimore's mayor, Brandon Scott, referred to the incident as a "reckless, cowardly act." The tragedy highlights the need to combat the excessive proliferation of illegal firearms on the streets, said Scott, who has made ending gun violence a priority.

The mayor directly addressed the perpetrators, stating, "We will not stop until we find you, and we will find you." Hundreds of people had apparently gathered in the city for an event called "Brooklyn Day."

In the United States, there are more firearms than residents, and gun violence incidents resulting in numerous fatalities occur repeatedly. The country has the highest rate of gun-related deaths among industrialized nations. According to the Gun Violence Archive, a non-governmental organization, over 44,300 people were killed in firearm-related incidents last year, including approximately 24,000 suicides.

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