Horrifying Scene in China: Husband Repeatedly Runs Over His Wife and Ensures Her Last Breath

news 02-Jul-2023 Asia

Horrifying Scene: He Repeatedly Runs Over His Wife and Makes Sure She Takes Her Last Breath!

A series of prominent domestic violence cases in China has sparked widespread anger, including a daylight murder captured on a viral video in recent days.

A shocking murder in the eastern province of Shandong has garnered widespread public attention after a video circulated online showing a husband running over his wife.

In the video, which is too graphic for "Tradctor" to display, a man can be seen repeatedly running over a woman with his car, later identified by the police as his wife, according to CNN.

During the act of running her over, the man exited his vehicle several times to check if the woman was still alive before continuing his crime.

Family disputes

In a statement released late last Tuesday evening, the police in the city of Dongying said that a 37-year-old man was arrested after beating and crushing his 38-year-old wife to death due to family disputes. The case is still under investigation.

By Wednesday morning, the attack became the most trending topic on the Chinese Twitter-like platform, Weibo, garnering 300 million views.

Many were shocked by the level of brutality displayed in the attack, which followed two other prominent cases of domestic violence and murder of women that captured public attention.

Recurring incidents

Last month, a man in Guangdong province in southern China stabbed his wife and her sister to death. The victim's family told government media that the wife had suffered years of domestic violence and had planned to divorce.

It is worth noting that domestic violence in China was traditionally seen as a private family matter, but after two decades of advocacy by women's rights activists, the state finally enacted an anti-domestic violence law in 2016.

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