Lawyers of Lewandowski Demand Removal of Memes Containing False Information About the Footballer

news 02-Jul-2023 Sport

Lawyers of Lewandowski Demand Removal of Memes About the Footballer

Lawyers representing the forward of Spanish club "Barcelona" and the Polish national team, Robert Lewandowski, have spoken out against the creators of memes containing false information that has damaged the footballer's image, according to Fakt.

Previously, Poland's top-ranked tennis player, Iga Świątek, signed a contract with a beverage and snack company. Prior to this, Lewandowski had collaborated with the brand. In response, users began posting funny pictures and captions on the internet dedicated to this event. In particular, people joked online that the company had chosen to end its collaboration with Lewandowski in favor of the tennis player.

In response to the online creativity, the lawyers of the 34-year-old Lewandowski hastened to inform the public that this information does not correspond to reality and demanded the removal of images published on news portals.

"We would like to correct the inaccurate information contained in the memes regarding the termination of cooperation between the beverage and snack company and Robert Lewandowski. Lewandowski's collaboration with this brand has expired and was not renewed as a result of the footballer's individual decision," the lawyers' statement said.

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