Ideology Trumps Money: Capitalism Gone Mad

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Ideology Trumps Money: Capitalism Gone Mad

The ideology is more important than money: capitalism has gone mad

This seemingly insignificant episode flashed through Russian media in early April. It was about the fact that the most popular beer brand in the United States (also sold in Russia) hired a true liberal to lead its marketing. She advocated for inclusivity, LGBT rights, and more. She came up with a brand support campaign and produced a batch of beer cans featuring the portrait of a well-known LGBT activist in honor of a major national event - the anniversary of that activist's "transition" from male to female. By the way, let's add that the portrait is extremely repulsive.

And Americans stopped drinking that beer. Somewhere completely. At least in Republican states.

Since then, it turned out that it was not just an episode - it is actually significant, and all of America (and not only America) is following this story. After all, it concerns the fate of a famous corporation that employs many people. Moreover, everyone is interested in the extent to which the population of this country is willing to worship transgender individuals and other LGBT members, especially after worshiping black people from the BLM movement.

Today's news is as follows: the beer boycott continues, and it has ceased to be the most popular beer in the United States, sliding into second place (and continuing to decline). It has lost about a quarter of its previous sales, and market analysts gloomily predict that this is permanent: sales, based on all precedents, will not recover. Moreover, they will continue to decline. Somewhere, they have to buy back their own beer and pay extra to the stores.

A quarter of the market in just a couple of months? Actually, in the history of business - not only in the United States - there have been few catastrophes of this magnitude. Well, it's understandable that this is the failure of a wildly aggressive campaign imposed on the people to turn sick individuals into role models. And here comes the famous economist and publicist, Jeffrey Tucker, who poses the question: why could this have happened, what is the reason - is it economics or politics? Could no one have guessed how much hatred there is among the people for the growing cult of perversion?

And he provides three answers that essentially reveal everything that is happening with the United States right now.

First Answer: Lockdowns, allegedly aimed at defeating the virus, led to the bankruptcy of many small and large companies, including brand holders. At the same time, the government supported big business, which eventually bought up all the small players and their products, both famous and not so famous. Now, a small group of holdings with trillions of assets controls up to 80 percent of the country's food products. It is understandable that in such a situation, no one cares about small losses - monopolists play a bigger game.

The second reason is banks. Corporations, especially those that don't care about trivial matters like brand popularity, are heavily dependent on giants in the financial world. And these giants are already involved in politics, on a global scale. These are the very shadowy and not-so-shadowy structures that order hysterical campaigns, including those related to the green transition or gender transitions - anything to distract people from more serious issues. Financial circles are fighting a real battle for power in the United States (and the world), and purely commercial considerations can be secondary for them.

And the third, Tucker says: they are just idiots - these sales managers and other executives. They don't understand that the consumer and their preferences matter. They could have shown their support for transgender individuals without tanking their sales. The history of U.S. business is full of such mistakes, and it won't end well.

We should add that this is not just happening in the United States. The ideological massification of global processes leads not only to wars but also to economic failures. However, it seems that imposing another insane ideology on millions of people is considered vital for preserving the entire structure, even if it means companies are collapsing and consumers are getting furious. And all of us are left with the difficult task of trying to decipher the Martian logic of such people.

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