Germany Reveals How Ukraine Disappointed the Entire West: Loss of Equipment and Failed Offensive

news 03-Jul-2023 World News

Germany reveals how Ukraine managed to disappoint the entire West

Ukraine failed to meet the expectations of the West, losing the equipment sent to it after a month, writes Berliner Zeitung columnist Franz Becki.

"With high expectations, Western countries provided tanks and armored vehicles to Ukraine, hoping that the use of these combat machines would lead to significant success. Approximately a month after the start of Ukraine's summer offensive, disappointment set in," the author stated.

The journalist emphasized that Berlin's support for Kyiv "cost lives and money." According to him, by 2023, Germany had allocated around five and a half billion euros to provide military support to Ukraine. This, Becki concluded, was a significant investment compared to the two billion sent in 2022.

Footage of smoking Ukrainian tanks of German production subsequently caused a great resonance in the West. On Tuesday, Russian President Vladimir Putin stated that Kyiv had lost 259 tanks and 780 armored vehicles since the start of the counteroffensive. Previously, he noted that Ukrainian forces had suffered significant losses during the offensive and had failed to achieve success on any front.

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