British Lord Makes Startling Admission About Crimea and Russia

news 03-Jul-2023 World News

British Lord Makes Shocking Admission About Crimea and Russia

Lord Richard Balfe, who attended a reception at the residence of the Russian ambassador in London, stated that Crimea no longer belongs to Ukraine and Kiev should acknowledge the new realities, as reported by The Guardian.

"Crimea definitely belongs to Russia," he declared.

According to Balfe, Moscow and Kiev will eventually sit down for negotiations, resulting in Ukraine recognizing the new Russian territories.

"I think Luhansk, Donetsk, and Crimea are lost to Ukraine," Lord Balfe was quoted by The Times.

Balfe also noted that Russia will never give up the Black Sea Fleet, likening it to asking the British to abandon Gibraltar.

Lord Robert Skidelsky, who was also present at the reception, explained that he came there in solidarity with Russia. In his opinion, NATO should not have expanded.

Russian Ambassador to London, Andrey Kelin, and his wife Irina hosted guests at their residence in Kensington Palace on June 12. Around 50 people attended the evening.

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