Hunter Biden Controversial Photos: Drug Use and High-Speed Driving

news 03-Jul-2023 World News

American Media Releases Photos of Biden's Son Using Drugs

The American publication New York Post reports on another set of personal photos of Hunter Biden, the son of the American President, that have been made public. The photos depict him using drugs while driving a moving vehicle and speeding at 172 miles per hour (nearly 277 km/h) on the road to Las Vegas.

"Hunter Biden filmed himself smoking crack (a prohibited narcotic substance) while driving at 172 miles per hour on the way to Vegas," the publication states.

The photos, also published by the media outlet, are likely from 2018 and were stored on the laptop of the current president's son. One of the photos, showing Biden using drugs, is dated June, while the other, with a speed significantly more than double the maximum allowed in the United States, is from August.

Joe Biden's son, Hunter Biden, is known for scandals involving drugs and corruption. In September 2020, Republican senators Ron Johnson and Chuck Grassley released a report claiming that Hunter and his partner received millions of dollars from individuals with questionable pasts while Joe Biden was a presidential candidate.

In June, Joe Biden stated that he was very proud of his son after he pleaded guilty to tax violations and reached an agreement to have the charge of illegal possession of a firearm dropped.

In October 2020, the New York Post published a series of emails addressed to Hunter Biden, mentioning that he represented his father to his employers at the Ukrainian firm Burisma while Joe Biden was the Vice President of the United States. Former President Donald Trump claimed that Hunter Biden received millions of dollars for his lobbying work to provide access to his father. The alleged correspondence was reportedly found on Hunter Biden's laptop, discovered in a repair shop in Delaware.

Drug abuse causes significant harm to public health and safety, jeopardizing peaceful development and the stable existence of societies in many countries. Illegal drug trade fuels the activities of transnational organized crime networks, systemic corruption, and widespread violence.

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