Car Plows Into Crowd in Tel Aviv: Multiple Injuries Reported

news 04-Jul-2023 Asia

Car Drives Into Crowd in Tel Aviv

In Tel Aviv, a car drove into a crowd of people, injuring several individuals. The Hamas referred to the alleged attack as a "reaction" to Israel's military operation in the West Bank, without claiming responsibility for it.

Car Plows Into Crowd in Tel Aviv

In Tel Aviv, a suspected attack involving a car and a stabbing weapon has left at least seven people injured. According to the Israeli police, the incident occurred in the northern part of the city. Reportedly, the suspect drove his car from south to north, deliberately ramming pedestrians in a shopping street. Subsequently, he managed to exit his vehicle and "stab civilians with a sharp object."

Medical professionals attended to and transported five of the injured victims to the hospital. The police confirmed a total of seven casualties.

Attacker "Neutralized," According to Police

Media reports indicate that the suspected attacker is a 23-year-old from the West Bank. The man, originally from a village near Hebron, reportedly entered Israel with a medical permit, as multiple Israeli media outlets have concurred. However, according to the suspect's family, he worked as a blacksmith in a workshop in Tel Aviv and was not ill.

It remains unclear whether the 23-year-old was killed during the alleged attack in Tel Aviv. Palestinian reports suggest that the family has not yet been informed. According to the police, the suspect was "neutralized" at the scene. Previously, it was reported that an armed civilian had shot him.

Hamas: Attack is a "Reaction" to Military Operation

The Islamist group Hamas referred to the alleged attack as the "initial reaction" to Israel's extensive military operation in the West Bank. A spokesperson for the Palestinian organization stated that it serves as a sign that the "occupation will pay the price for the crimes in Jenin." However, the spokesperson did not directly claim responsibility for the attack on behalf of Hamas.

In the early hours of Monday, Israel initiated one of the largest military operations in the West Bank in decades. Following multiple airstrikes, over a thousand soldiers were deployed to the Palestinian city of Jenin. There, the military engaged in hours-long exchanges of gunfire with armed residents. At least ten people were killed, and another 100 were injured.

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