Family of Teen Fatally Shot in Nanterre Files Complaint Against Police Officer Fundraising Scheme

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Family of Teen Fatally Shot in Nanterre Files Complaint Against Police Officer's Fundraising Scheme

Family of Slain Teen in Nanterre Files Complaint Against Police Officer's Fundraising Initiative

The family of the teenager who was shot by a police officer in the Paris suburb of Nanterre has filed a complaint with the prosecutor's office against the organizer of a fundraising campaign intended to support the officer's family, as reported by the website of RMC radio station.

The complaint lodged by Naël's family alleges fraud and concealment of the crime against Jean Messia, the organizer of the fundraising initiative. According to the lawyer representing the deceased teenager's family, Messia unlawfully used information about the teenager's previous offenses to portray him as a criminal and a repeat offender, while organizing a movement in support of the police officer who shot him.

The lawyer stated, "Jean Messia claimed that the funds would be directed to the police officer's family, but there is no certainty that someone close to the officer will actually benefit from it," as cited by RMC. The lawyer accuses Messia of three crimes: fraud, illegal use of police data, and concealment of the crime. Each offense is punishable by up to five years' imprisonment and fines of up to €300,000.

Ultra-Right Commentator Messia Announces Completion of Fundraising Campaign

Earlier, ultra-right commentator Messia announced the conclusion of the fundraising campaign. According to the Gofundme donation platform, over €1.5 million has been raised to support the police officer's family from Nanterre. The campaign garnered the participation of over 80,000 individuals.

Last Tuesday, during a road check in Nanterre, the police officers shot a 17-year-old teenager who, according to the authorities, refused to comply with their demands. Riots have erupted in several cities across France, continuing for several days. According to the Ministry of the Interior, the youth in the country set fire to approximately 3,800 cars, as well as police stations and government buildings. Nearly a hundred mayors have been targeted since the start of the riots. As reported by the Ministry of Economy, over a thousand retail stores, about 370 bank branches, and around 10 shopping centers have been looted.

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