Is Mbappe the Missing Piece for Real Madrid Success?

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Is Mbappe the Missing Piece for Real Madrid's Success?

Mbappe is leaving "PSG" for "Real". Do Madrid really need him?

Kylian Mbappe is once again trying to leave "PSG." And once again, his destination is "Real" because there are no other contenders for one of the world's best players. But do Madrid really need him?

Why is he leaving "PSG"?

From the very beginning, the relationship between Kylian and the Parisian club did not look normal. The young forward demanded a higher salary, bonuses, and various preferences right from the start. "PSG" often complied with the demands of the young star and offered him staggering sums. The Arab sheikhs spared no expense when it came to their players, and Mbappe was no exception to this scheme.

The peak of their insane spending was reached last year. Kylian seemed to have reached a final agreement with "Real," the club he had dreamed of playing for since childhood. However, "PSG" offered Mbappe a contract worth 100 million euros with a signing bonus of 300 million euros—money that is hard to refuse. But most importantly, Paris was willing to make the forward the face of the club, its main star.

However, the past year did not live up to Kylian's expectations. The fantastic first half of the season turned into a failure in the Champions League in the winter. The trio with Neymar and Messi fell apart. The Brazilian suffered another injury and can hardly be considered a world-class star anymore, while the Argentine grew tired of Paris and moved to the United States. Meanwhile, "PSG" never really placed their bet on the French forward throughout the year.

Mbappe did not wait and informed the club that he would not activate the contract extension option next summer. At the same time, he insists that he intends to spend the 2023/24 season in Paris. However, this time, the bosses of "PSG" did not try to persuade Kylian or shower him with money but put the rebellious striker on the transfer list.

At the moment, there are no queues of clubs eager to buy one of the best players in the world. There are only a few clubs capable of affording his salary, and constantly begging money from "PSG" raises concerns among potential suitors—no one wants scandalous football players, even if they are superstars. The only team willing to compete for Mbappe is "Real Madrid," but the "Los Blancos" are cautious, remembering the failed transfer from a year ago.

Is Mbappe really needed by Real Madrid?

Journalist Francois Gallardo reported on social media that Real Madrid has already completed the transfer of Mbappe from PSG. The compensation amount for the 2018 World Cup champion is said to be €224 million, with PSG also receiving up to €56 million as a bonus. Thus, Mbappe's transfer will become the most expensive in football history, surpassing Neymar's move from Barcelona to PSG (€222 million).

It must be acknowledged that this is a great solution for the player. From the standpoint of status, Paris Saint-Germain cannot compare to Real Madrid, and the current PSG team is unlikely to win the Champions League. Moving to the greatest club will bring Mbappe one step closer to the Ballon d'Or and the title of the world's best player. But does Real Madrid really need the Frenchman?

The departure of Karim Benzema has seriously affected Real Madrid's attacking potential. So far, the Madrid team has not found a replacement for their key forward, and there is no player who can fill Benzema's shoes. Rumors suggest that Carlo Ancelotti plans to play without a traditional striker, using Vinicius and Rodrigo in the front line.

In such a situation, one of the best forwards in the world could certainly be useful for Real Madrid. However, questions arise regarding his proper utilization. After all, Mbappe's playing style is very different from Benzema's. He is less focused on assisting his teammates and more on finishing attacks. The regular starters at Madrid will have to adapt to Kylian, which will bring about structural changes within the team as a whole.

Kylian relies heavily on his speed and is most dangerous in open space. Benzema often dropped into the area between the lines and participated in combinations, whereas Mbappe seeks to exploit the space behind the defenders. Therefore, the Madrid midfielders will have to alter their ways of developing attacks and intensifying play.

Furthermore, Mbappe tends to drift towards the left flank, where Vinicius plays for Real Madrid. The Brazilian had an excellent understanding with Benzema and has progressed so much in the past couple of seasons that he is considered a real contender for the Ballon d'Or. Will Kylian be able to find common ground with Vinicius, or will the Frenchman try to take the spotlight, attempting to become the team's main star? That is a big question.

Mbappe's transfer may only appear to be an absolute victory for the Madrid club. The club's management, coaching staff, and the entire team will need to make significant efforts to make this partnership more successful than Mbappe's time at PSG. Additionally, the Frenchman must finally prioritize the club's interests over his own. Only then will success come to both Real Madrid and him.

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