Israel Concludes Military Operation in Jenin: Success Achieved Amidst Destruction

news 05-Jul-2023 Asia

Israel Ends Military Operation in Jenin

Israel has concluded its military operation in Jenin, in the West Bank, and considers the mission a complete success. The army leaves behind a trail of destruction in the refugee camp.

During the night, an Israeli military convoy passes through a Jewish settlement in the occupied West Bank on its way back from Jenin. The settlement residents shout "Thank you" and hold up signs praising the military.

After approximately two days, the deployment of over 1,000 Israeli military forces in the Palestinian city of Jenin has come to an end. It was by far the largest operation of its kind in over 20 years.

Vice Admiral Daniel Hagari, spokesperson for the Israeli army, provided an initial positive assessment, stating, "In close cooperation with intelligence and police forces, the army destroyed the base of terrorism. The objectives set at the beginning of the offensive have been achieved. In the coming days, we will be able to assess the success based on terrorist activities."

Twelve Palestinian fatalities

During the night, the troops began their withdrawal, encountering armed Palestinians and engaging in renewed skirmishes. An Israeli soldier was killed, and the army is still investigating whether he was accidentally shot by friendly fire.

Since the start of the offensive, twelve Palestinians have been killed. According to the Israeli army, all the deceased are fighters. Local authorities report numerous Palestinian civilians among the wounded.

Military leaves destruction in the refugee camp

In the refugee camp of Jenin, where approximately 14,000 people live in cramped conditions, scenes of devastation remain. Due to the fear of booby traps, the Israeli army used bulldozers to tear up roads and dig deep trenches. Water, electricity, and sewage lines have been destroyed in many places, shops have been ransacked, and numerous homes are likely uninhabitable for an extended period.

Many residents fled the fighting. A man who was in Jenin over the past two days shared his impressions with a Reuters news agency team: "We were surprised by the large number of soldiers. They stormed into a neighbor's house, evicted the residents, and then snipers took positions."

The man further reported that many young men were arrested and used as "human shields." He described the gunfire as "incredibly intense," stating, "Around me, there were 30 soldiers shooting into the camp." These claims cannot be independently verified. The Israeli army emphasized that during the operation, they did everything possible to protect civilians.

An operation with an expiration date

According to Israeli sources, the Israeli troops targeted the bases of militant Palestinian organizations and their weapons and bomb workshops in Jenin. The army stated that thousands of weapons and explosive devices were seized, and the terrorists' capabilities have been significantly weakened.

Amos Yadlin, a former Israeli general and current security expert, referred to modest goals achieved during an interview on Israeli Channel 12. He said, "The operation prevented Jenin from becoming a second Gaza Strip. However, anyone who believed that this operation would eradicate terrorism is mistaken. The operation has an expiration date, which could be reached in as soon as two to four months. The armed individuals who fled and disappeared during the operation will return and attempt to rebuild this mini-Gaza in Jenin."

Rocket fired from the Gaza Strip

During the night, five rockets were fired from the Gaza Strip, controlled by the militant Palestinian group Hamas, towards Israel. According to Israeli sources, all the rockets were successfully intercepted by the air defense system.

Various Palestinian terrorist organizations have announced retaliation for the events in Jenin. On Tuesday, an attack in Tel Aviv left several people injured. The Palestinian assailant was shot and killed.

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