CIA Requests Newsweek Discretion in Revealing Ukrainian Operation Locations

news 05-Jul-2023 World News

CIA Requests Newsweek Not to Disclose Operation Locations in Ukraine

The CIA and the White House have asked the American magazine Newsweek not to reveal the locations of American intelligence operations in Ukraine and Poland, according to Newsweek itself.

The publication reports that it has extensively researched the scope of CIA activities in Ukraine.

"Neither the CIA nor the White House have provided specific answers to confirm this, but they have requested that Newsweek refrain from disclosing the specific locations of CIA operations in Ukraine or Poland, naming other countries involved in CIA clandestine activities, and identifying the air service supporting the United States' covert logistics activities," the magazine writes.

In an article about CIA activities in Ukraine, the magazine also reported that the agency is actively involved in the Ukrainian conflict and that the United States is utilizing a "gray fleet" of commercial aircraft to transport weapons to Ukraine.

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