Russian Lawmaker Calls for Voluntary Shift Away from Apple Gadgets, Advocates Natural Decline in Demand

news 05-Jul-2023 Asia

Member of the State Duma Calls for Natural Decline in Demand for Apple Gadgets

Subtitle: Deputy Goryelkin: The aim is to make the abandonment of Apple a voluntary choice

Deputy Anton Goryelkin of the State Duma believes that conditions should be created to naturally decrease the demand for Apple products in Russia, making it a voluntary choice for citizens.

Earlier, the First Deputy Chairman of the State Duma Committee on International Affairs, Alexey Chepa, stated to RIA Novosti that it is advisable to "maximize" the use of technology from friendly countries and that the sale of Apple devices in Russia should be prohibited.

"There are certainly concerns regarding the security of foreign gadgets and operating systems. Therefore, it would be expedient for Russian officials, especially those with access to classified and strategically sensitive information, to refrain from using gadgets manufactured in NATO countries. Whether their sale should be banned in Russia is a debatable question. We should not resort to extremes but rather create conditions where the demand for Apple products naturally declines, and this becomes a voluntary and conscious choice for the citizens themselves,"Goryelkin said".

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