Multiple Fatalities in Pakistan Floods: Lahore City Hit Hardest

news 05-Jul-2023 Asia

Many deaths in floods in Pakistan

After heavy monsoon rains, 24 people have lost their lives in Pakistan. The city most affected is Lahore, located in the east, where entire streets are underwater.

Monsoon rains have flooded numerous streets in the Pakistani city of Lahore. Local authorities reported that within nine hours, 272 liters of rain per square meter fell on the city. The city's canal overflowed, causing such a massive amount of water in such a short time. Lahore last experienced this 30 years ago.

The first rainfall was reported last week. Since then, there have been a total of 24 fatalities related to the storms, according to Pakistani media. Islamabad and Punjab are also affected.

Residents of Lahore have fallen victim to falling power lines, collapsing buildings, or drowning in the floods. The International Rescue Committee (IRC), a humanitarian organization, has warned of the consequences of the flooding, stating that millions of people are in danger, and their homes are being washed away.

According to the IRC, children are particularly vulnerable. "They are at a higher risk of malnutrition due to food shortages that could accompany another flood catastrophe," said Shabnam Baloch, the country director of the IRC.

The capital city of Pakistan, Islamabad, also reported heavy rainfall. In the Punjab province, six people have lost their lives, according to Mohsin Naqv, the Chief Minister of Punjab.

The monsoon season in Pakistan starts in July and lasts until September. The current rainy phase is expected to continue until Sunday. However, the country is still dealing with the aftermath of the summer 2022 floods, which claimed the lives of 1,739 people. According to a World Bank report, approximately 33 million people in the South Asian country were affected by the floods.

With the monsoon season underway, Pakistan is preparing for new floods. However, the Pakistani Meteorological Department predicts less rain this year compared to the previous year.

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