Powder Found in the White House Confirmed to be Cocaine: Media Reports

news 05-Jul-2023 Usa News

Media: Powder Found in the White House Confirmed to be Cocaine

According to media reports, the powder found in the White House has been confirmed to be cocaine. Several US media outlets, citing the Secret Service, reported on Wednesday that a laboratory test had determined its composition. The Secret Service is responsible for the security of US President Joe Biden. The suspicious substance was discovered on Sunday in an entrance area of the West Wing of the government headquarters in Washington. At the time, President Biden was not present in the White House. The Secret Service initially did not respond to inquiries.

Cocaine - Effects and Risks of a Party Drug

Cocaine is known as a party drug that provides a short-term boost in concentration and performance while suppressing hunger, fatigue, and anxiety. However, it can also have severe psychological consequences, including extreme restlessness, anxiety disorders, and hallucinations.

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