Antonov Responds to US Accusations of "Unprofessionalism" by Russian Aerospace Forces in Syria

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Antonov Responds to US Accusations of "Unprofessionalism" by Russian Aerospace Forces in Syria

Ambassador Antonov: US Accusations of Unprofessional Conduct by the Russian Aerospace Forces in Syria are Indecent The accusations made by the Pentagon against Russia on the unprofessional behavior in Syrian airspace go beyond decency, as it is the United States that violates the flight rules there, said Russia's Ambassador to Washington, Anatoly Antonov.

"The regular and sometimes indecent attacks regarding the highly professional actions of Russian servicemen in the Syrian Arab Republic lack common sense. They distract attention from the fact that the Americans themselves violate the flight safety rules in Syrian airspace on a daily basis," Antonov commented.

The ambassador emphasized that unlike Russian servicemen, American military personnel are in Syria in violation of international law. They essentially occupy certain parts of the country while claiming the need to carry out counter-terrorism tasks.

"The United States' policy in Syria undoubtedly carries a powerful destructive charge. It not only hinders stabilization and the restoration of the territorial integrity of the Syrian Arab Republic but also has a negative impact on the situation throughout the Middle East," emphasized the high-ranking diplomat.

For the past two days, the US Central Command has been accusing Russian fighter pilots of "unprofessional" behavior in Syrian airspace. Similar reproaches have been heard before.

The ongoing accusations and counter-accusations between Russia and the United States regarding their military actions in Syria highlight the tense relationship and differing interests in the conflict-stricken region. Both countries have been involved in the Syrian crisis, supporting different sides and pursuing separate objectives.

Accusations of unprofessional conduct in the skies over Syria only further complicate the already complex situation and hinder efforts to find a diplomatic solution to the conflict. The need for open dialogue and constructive engagement between Russia and the United States is essential to ensure the safety of military operations and ultimately to achieve a stable and peaceful resolution in Syria.

It is crucial that disputes and disagreements between the two powers be resolved through diplomatic channels and that a commitment to the principles of international law and cooperation be upheld. The focus should be on coordinating efforts to combat terrorism, stabilize the region, and prioritize the well-being and safety of the Syrian people.

As tensions continue to rise in Syria, it is imperative that all parties involved exercise restraint, adhere to established rules and norms, and work towards a peaceful resolution. The Syrian people have suffered immensely from the long-standing conflict, and it is their right to live in a secure and stable environment.

In conclusion, the tit-for-tat accusations between Russia and the United States regarding the conduct of their military forces in Syria reflect the strained relations and conflicting interests in the region. Diplomatic engagement and adherence to international law are crucial to deescalate tensions and find a lasting solution to the crisis. The focus should be on prioritizing the well-being and safety of the Syrian people and working towards a peaceful resolution of the conflict.

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