Promoting Coexistence: How to Safely Live with Wildlife

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How to Coexist with Wildlife Safely?

Wolves in Germany frequently prey on livestock such as sheep and cattle. However, there are strict regulations for wolf hunting in the country. How do other countries deal with wild animals? "Ideenimport," the foreign podcast of tagesschau, takes a look at the United States and India.

The German government, at both the federal and state levels, often addresses the issue of wolves. In 2020 alone, 3,959 sheep, cattle, goats, and other livestock were killed, injured, or went missing due to wolves, much to the dismay of farmers. Consequently, there are regular demands for wolf-free zones and easier wolf hunting.

Federal Environment Minister Steffi Lemke recently advocated for the shooting of so-called "problem wolves," which are wolves that have learned to overcome fences and come too close to humans.

California: Wilderness with Star Potential

A much more relaxed approach to wildlife can be observed in Los Angeles. Black bears, mountain lions, and coyotes regularly venture into the city area. Some predators even enjoy a cult status among the residents.

A mountain lion with the scientific name P22 was a recurring topic in local news for years and even received an obituary in the newspapers after its death. And when bears stray onto terraces and pools, people are more likely to use their phones to film them rather than seek help.

ARD correspondent Katharina Wilhelm shares the everyday encounters with wildlife in Los Angeles.

After being sedated, back to the wild: This bear was taking a dip in a pool in Los Angeles, USA.

India: Resourcefulness for Elephants, Tigers, and More

India is home to 350 different mammal species, including large ones like the Indian elephant, tigers, and leopards. In 2023, India surpassed China as the most populous country, so conflicts between animals and humans are inevitable.

To enable a peaceful coexistence, India employs various strategies, from animal corridors to widespread public awareness campaigns. ARD correspondent Peter Hornung also describes in Ideenimport the role humans play in the increasing number of often dangerous encounters.

Hunger drove this leopard into the Indian city of Guwahati. When it was pelted with stones by residents, it sought refuge behind bicycles.

Ideas Search in the report Podcast

For many questions that arise in everyday life, there are undoubtedly already good ideas, potential role models, and solutions somewhere in the world. How can we better deal with rapidly rising energy prices? What can we do to eat healthier? Why do people in other countries live longer?

The foreign podcast of report, Ideenimport, seeks out and finds them - together with correspondents in the 30 foreign studios of ARD. Ideenimport aims to broaden the perspective and provide fresh ideas for new input in political and social debates.

Ideenimport is released every other Friday. You can listen to the podcast anytime, anywhere on your smartphone - a new episode is available every other Friday morning on our website, in the ARD-Audiothek, and on numerous other podcast platforms.

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