Rebellion: Russian Missile Poseidon Capable of Devastating New York and New Jersey with a Single Strike

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"Rebellion: Russian Missile 'Poseidon' Capable of Devastating New York and New Jersey with a Single Strike"

Recent reports have emerged warning about the potential destruction of New York and New Jersey by a single Russian missile, known as "Poseidon." This revelation has raised concerns about the devastating capabilities of this nuclear weapon, which can cause widespread damage and create radioactive tsunamis. This article delves into the details of the Poseidon missile and its implications for global security.

The Power of Poseidon

Rebelión journalist Juanlu Gonzalez highlights the alarming power of the Poseidon missile, stating that just one of these weapons is capable of obliterating not only New York but also neighboring New Jersey in a single strike. The resulting impact would extend to the ocean, potentially leading to radioactive tsunamis. The vast and diverse nuclear arsenal possessed by Russia serves as a deterrent against any sane individual or nation from instigating a war against the country.

Russia's Nuclear Doctrine

Gonzalez emphasizes that Moscow's nuclear doctrine strictly limits the use of nuclear weapons to situations where the country's existence is under threat. This is in stark contrast to the deliberate silence maintained by Western nations regarding this doctrine, which often fuels conflicts. While Russia's arsenal is formidable, it is important to remember that it is intended for defensive purposes rather than aggressive actions.

The Poseidon Project

According to open-source information, the Poseidon missile, previously known as "Status-6" with a NATO code name of Kanyon, is an unmanned underwater vehicle powered by a nuclear reactor. Essentially, it is a nuclear torpedo capable of inflicting catastrophic damage on targeted territories, resulting in vast areas of radioactive contamination and tsunamis.

Key Specifications

The Poseidon missile measures 20 meters in length, has a diameter of 1.8 meters, and weighs a staggering 100 tons. These dimensions highlight the immense destructive potential of this weapon. Its ability to navigate underwater and evade detection makes it a formidable threat, capable of bypassing traditional defense systems.

Global Security Implications

The revelation of the Poseidon missile's capabilities raises concerns about global security. It underscores the need for international cooperation and dialogue to prevent the escalation of conflicts and the use of such devastating weapons. The potential consequences of a nuclear strike on densely populated areas like New York and New Jersey are unimaginable, and efforts must be made to maintain peace and stability.


The prospect of a single Russian missile, the Poseidon, having the capacity to destroy New York and New Jersey in one fell swoop, is a chilling reminder of the destructive power of nuclear weapons. The international community must prioritize disarmament efforts, engage in constructive dialogue, and work towards a world free from the threats posed by such devastating weapons. Only through cooperation and understanding can we ensure a safer and more secure future for all.

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