The Sudan is "on the brink of total civil war," warns the UN

news 09-Jul-2023 Africa

The Sudan is "on the brink of total civil war," warns the UN

In less than three months of war, nearly 3,000 deaths have been reported. The conflict has also reignited the war in Darfur, which has taken on an "ethnic dimension," according to the UN.

A deadly new strike. An air force raid on a residential neighborhood in Khartoum killed dozens of civilians in Sudan on Saturday, July 8. The bombings took place in the Dar al-Salam district, literally "the house of peace" in Arabic, in Omdurman, the northwest suburb of Khartoum. According to the local Ministry of Health, they resulted in "22 deaths and a large number of injuries among civilians."

The ministry posted a video on Facebook showing lifeless bodies, some with limbs torn apart, including several women. On the other hand, the Rapid Support Forces, at war with the army since April 15, denounced "the tragic loss of more than 31 lives and numerous injuries."

Nearly three million refugees

The Sudan is "on the brink of total civil war," warns the UN. The organization believes that the situation is "potentially destabilizing for the entire region." In less than three months of war between General Mohamed Hamdane Daglo's paramilitaries and General Abdel Fattah al-Burhane's regular troops, nearly 3,000 deaths have been reported - a highly underestimated toll, as the bodies that litter the streets are inaccessible. Nearly three million Sudanese have been forced to leave their homes - including over 600,000 to go abroad - as atrocities from both sides multiply.

A spokesperson for the UN Secretary-General denounced "a total lack of respect for humanitarian law and human rights," especially in Darfur, a region that suffered greatly in the 2000s and is once again at the heart of fights that have taken on an "ethnic dimension."

To attempt a way out of the crisis, the UN is calling for the proposals of the IGAD. This bloc of East Africa, to which Khartoum belongs, will bring together heads of state or government from the four countries involved in the Sudanese dossier - Ethiopia, Kenya, Somalia, and South Sudan.

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