"Assessing the Impact of Janet Yellen Trip to Beijing on US-China Relations: A Step Forward or Merely Diplomatic Gestures?"

news 10-Jul-2023 Asia

Evaluating Janet Yellen's Trip to Beijing: A Step towards Improved US-China Relations?

US Treasury Secretary Janet Yellen recently concluded a four-day trip to China, with the aim of rebuilding bridges and improving relations between the two countries. While the trip has facilitated face-to-face discussions and a more positive tone, it remains to be seen whether it has truly improved US-China relations. This article will analyze the outcomes of Yellen's visit and assess the potential for progress in this delicate relationship.

A Shift in Communication

Yellen's trip marks a significant shift in communication between the US and China. Unlike the confrontational approach of the Trump administration, both sides engaged in polite and respectful discussions. The visit follows Secretary of State Antony Blinken's visit in June, where both countries expressed their commitment to stabilizing relations.

Building a Channel of Communication

Yellen emphasized the importance of establishing a "resilient and productive channel of communication" with China's new economic team. This is particularly significant as China's government underwent a major leadership change this year, with loyalty to President Xi Jinping being a primary qualification for the new officials.

Direct and Productive Talks

During her visit, Yellen had extensive discussions with China's new economic chief, He Lifeng. She described their talks as "direct, substantive, and productive," acknowledging that there are still significant disagreements between the two sides. However, the fact that meaningful dialogue took place is a positive step forward.

Shifting US-China Policy

The Biden administration seeks to differentiate its China policy from that of the previous administration. Yellen aimed to convince her Chinese counterparts that the US does not view the relationship as a great power conflict and does not seek to decouple the economies. This signals a departure from the Trump administration's antagonistic approach.

Actions Speak Louder than Words

While the US is attempting to demonstrate a more conciliatory approach, recent actions have raised concerns in Beijing. The imposition of export controls on certain microchips used in AI development, and the intention to expand these restrictions, indicate that the US is still wary of China's technological advancements. This could have implications for future relations.

Delicate Progress

Although dialogue has resumed and is expected to continue, the process remains delicate. Progress made during Yellen's visit could easily be undermined by incidents such as espionage accusations or close encounters between US and Chinese military forces. Managing this complex relationship will require careful and long-term efforts from both sides.

Janet Yellen's trip to Beijing has created an opportunity for improved US-China relations. The resumption of face-to-face dialogue and a more positive tone are positive steps forward. However, the relationship remains challenging, and recent actions by the US indicate ongoing concerns about China's technological advancements. Both countries will need to engage in careful and long-term management to maintain stability and foster progress in this critical relationship.

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